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A Weekend in the Amish Country: Day 1

There is just something about the way Amish people live their lives that attract me. So simple. So peaceful.

Having been living in big cities all my life, it has always been my dream to spend time in quiet places with greeneries, where cattle and horses are found in every corner instead of McDonald’s and Starbucks. I’ve heard about the Amish Country for a while. So last month the Foodease team and I came up with a this random idea to visit the Amish Country for a weekend.

“What are we gonna do there?” asked one of them.

No idea! Taste their food, of course. And see their lifestyle.

We found a great deal for lodging on Groupon (yay Groupon!)  for Lancaster Host Resort. The hotel itself wasn’t bad. It was clean. But the walls were super thin!!!!!! So thin that you can hear it when someone is tearing a toilet paper in the bathroom. Well…. Not really…. But you get the idea. Anyways! The deal came with complimentary breakfast. And just for the sake of your taste buds, stomach, and health, I’d say stay away from the hotel breakfast!!!! Almost all of the food, of maybe all, were instant! The pancake in the hot bar, was FROZEN!! Yes, not cold. But froooozzzeeeennn solllliiidddd!

Hold on… Let me rewind to a few hours before breakfast.

Day 1

On the way coming up to Lancaster, we stopped at a little European village called the Stoudtburg Village. It’s a cute little village where the villagers live on the top floors, and welcome you to their little shops. But oddly enough, almost everything was closed when we went there on Black Friday. We just managed to visit a toy shop and a candy shop. The candy shop, called Village Sweet Shop, had some amazing chocolates! Our most favorite was the Peanut Yum Yums.

peanut yumyumThe peanut tastes like actual peanut butter. Creamy. But unlike peanut butters, it doesn’t stick on the roof of your mouth  or your throat. And look at how much peanut butter they give you! So much better than Reese’s!

pb yumyum

Back on the road!

To be honest, in my mind the Amish Country would be something like I see in the movie “The Little House on the Prairie.” Where it’s just a house on a big property. And everyone is outside happily working. But as soon as we entered Lancaster, OH BOY!!! The traffic was almost as bad as New York City. Yes there are barns, large green fields, but not far from it is a Burger King.

By the time we reached checked in to our hotel, it was already late afternoon. So we settled a bit before going out for dinner.

One of my friends, whose family used to live in Lancaster, recommended a restaurant called “Miller’s”. It’s a Smorgasbord restaurant (buffet style), where you can sit and eat while enjoying the Amish view. We pulled in to pitch dark parking lot and thought there was hardly anyone there. But….. The parking was almost full! We went inside and people were already waiting everywhere.

“It’s going to be at least an hour,” said the hostess.

Nope! Change location.

Being a total stranger to the town, we relied on Yelp to help us find a restaurant nearby. Another Smorgasbord restaurant called Dienner’s Country Restaurant. Users rated it as 4/5. And it’s $12 buffet!?!?!? Why not? I’ll tell you why not.

We reached Dienner’s about 6:30 (more or less), and the restaurant was packed, but not as bad as Miller’s. So sure we stayed. The restaurant was like a tiny luncheonette. It was soooo crowded! I bet it would be pretty cosy if it wasn’t packed.

7pm…. And we weren’t seated. Meanwhile, the restaurant will be closed in an hour. About 10 minutes after 7 our waiting device thing buzzed. Phew! Finally! We got to the buffet. There were only 3 buffet stations: main course, salad, dessert. So we walked around picking the food. Came back to the table, sat down, and ate. Instant food………

clam chowder


Some of the food was actually tasty. Like the beef stew, although too salty. And the shrimp wasn’t that bad actually, although we knew it was the frozen pre-packed ones. But I just wished they removed the tails. And the pies weren’t that bad. We tried the pumpkin and the Shoo-fly.

pumpkin pie


But no, we don’t agree with Yelpers for this restaurant. Our team has agreed to give it a 3. It’s not horrific. But instant food??? It was a big turn off! And so that concluded our first day.

Food: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps?q=dienner’s+country+restaurant&ie=UTF8&hq=dienner’s+country+restaurant&t=m&ll=40.015841,-76.158999&spn=0.017091,0.032015&output=embed&w=425&h=350]
Dienner’s Country Restaurant ($$$$$)
2855 Lincoln Hwy E
Ronks, PA 17572

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