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A Weekend in the Amish Country: Day 2

Day 2 We started our day with hotel breakfast buffet. A very disappointing buffet! As I mentioned before, everything was instant! After breakfast, we went on an Amish countryside tour. We were brought into an Amish farm and house tour and were explained briefly on the history, culture, and traditions. Amish people are very neighborly and family oriented, and of course religious. Everyone is viewed as equal. They wear the same type of clothes, aprons, shoes, hats. They have the same type of horse buggies, education, and even tombstones! sewing machine


prayer hat


boy bedroom

girl room

dresser   BUGGY


After the house tour, we were got on to a bus and was driven around the neighborhood. 30,000 Amish people in Lancaster! And they pretty much know one another. We were taken to their shops. Such great carpenters and bakers! Oh! If you think you’ve been to NYC and had your best soft pretzels, you’re absolutely wrong! The Amish has the BEST SOFT PRETZELS!! And those pretzels are soft, just like they said. In NYC when you get soft pretzels, it’s more like a crossbreed between soft and hard. Or maybe stale. And omg those salt… An Amish pretzel is thinner than the NYC pretzels. It’s airy. And buttery. You can taste the butter. And when you bite into them, it’s like biting into a marshmallow (without the sweetness of course). They’re also sprinkled with salt. But a normal dosage.

soft pretzel

We also bought cinnamon sticks filled with cream cheese, and cookies. The cinnamon sticks are oh so good! It’s like a rolled up crunch crepe, blanketed with cinnamon sugar. I didn’t know or didn’t realize there was a filling in that roll. So I bit into it, and soft sweet cream cheese gushed out into my mouth. The marriage of the crunch, and the softness, the sweetness and the woody fragrance… It’s like Christmas day rolled and wrapped up.

cinnamon stick

The cookies were just okay. They’re good. But not the best. The peanut butter cookies need more peanut butter.

choco chip cookies

peanut butter cookies

After the countryside tour, we gave ourselves a farm tour. In a little shed, there was a an who holds the Guinness World Record for the making the smallest carving. I mean… LOOK!!!


flower carving


rooster carving

name carve

And comes lunch!

My friend recommended this pizza restaurant, where he knows the owner. He said it will be the best pizza I’ll ever have. So to test his taste buds, off we went to Rosa Rosa Cafe. We split a slice of spaghetti pizza and funghi marinati. To be extremely honest, I was extremely skeptical at first when I saw the recommendation. I mean… It’s carbs on carbs. But what the hell! We ordered a slice and oh my! It’s so thick! It’s spaghetti with sauce and mozzarella on a pizza crust, topped with crispy pizza crust, to make it look like a pie.

spaghetti pie


That’s how crispy the top crust was. The spaghetti was a little bit overcooked. The salsa sauce that they gave on the side has a nice subtle taste. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. However, I bet it would be amazing with meatballs! Next, the funghi marinati. I actually like the thickness of the crust. Too bad it doesn’t really have a great flavor. The texture actually reminds me of graham crackers. Crumbly. But the combination of mozzarella, basil, mushrooms, and tomato sauce works really well! Although, the sauce can benefit from more herbs.

funghi marinati pie

slice funghi marinati

The man who seemed to be the owner was very friendly. He kept on checking back at our table, making sure everything was ok. Oh! But stay away from the iced tea! It has no tea flavor, and the water had such strong chlorine taste.

So here’s the rating for Rosa Rosa Pizza
Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5

The highlight of our second day was actually dinner! It was the most amazing food we’ve ever tasted in Lancaster!

We came back from Hershey’s World, which in my opinion is not the place to take your children to, unless you can control their constant cries for chocolates. After the constant bleh food, we were so unexcited for dinner. And again, we relied on Yelp.

Historic Revere Tavern…

We made a reservation just in case it has another waiting line as if there was a free giveaway. We came into the restaurant, and an old couple was just coming out of the dining room and said, “This is our anniversary. We’re from Virginia. We’ve been married for 15 years, and most of our anniversaries have been celebrated here.”

So in we went, and the room was decorated with Christmas decoration. So warm and homey. It was also setup quite uniquely. All the tables were set in straight lines. When it gets crowded, it can be lllloud! Anyways, the waitress came and we put in our order. We were given a basket of rolls with their homemade pepper spread. The bread has a nice crust and nice chew. It has a bit of sourness to it, almost like a sourdough but not really. The spread, however, doesn’t really taste that peppery by itself.

pepper spread

dinner rolls

Next to come was our appetizer. Mushroom stuffed with crabmeat.

stuffed mushrooms

stuffed mushroom slice

stuffed mushroom bite

Of course we had to split this one mushroom amongst us. Mushroom was sooooo juicy. And the crab cake was tasty. But it can use a tad more pepper. We sprinkled some pepper and it tasted ammmmmazing!

The next dish to come is the salad. Greens were nice and fresh. And the croutons!!!!! Mmmm mmm mmm! The croutons! It tasted like it was made in the restaurant. Crispy but airy. And when you bite into it, there’s a tad of olive oil bursting in your mouth. And it finishes with a richness of spices.


After we finished our salads, it seemed like it took forever for our entrees to come. We were waiting… and waiting… and waiting… We saw trays of plates, and was so excited! But nope. Not ours.

Finally! After about 10-15 minutes of waiting, our entrees finally came! All I can say is, it was worth the wait! One of the dishes is portobello and cremini ravioli with grilled chicken. The chicken was nice and moist. It has a strong flavor from the wine sauce. Bittersweet and a little bit of kick. The ravioli was pretty bland. I don’t think we will make this same order if we do come back. The garlic bread, though, was beyond amazing! Light and fluffy, and crispy at the same time, with the perfect amount of garlic and butter. I think it’s the same bread that they used for the croutons.

chicken ravioli

garlic bread

The second dish, however, was an absolute divinity! Pan seared tilapia with risotto.

tilapia risotto

The tilapia is cooked to perfection! Fluffy, not dry, and well seasoned. The sauce is creamy and rich in flavor. Risotto is chewy and not mushy! We will definitely order this again! In the end of our meal, we couldn’t help it and asked the waitress about where they bought the bread from. Came an unexpected answer. Bakery de France in MARYLAND!!! We were hoping it would be somewhere local. But that was the best meal we’ve had in Lancaster! And we returned to the hotel with a group of satisfied tummies.

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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