No… Not me… But social media.

If you’ve been following this blog, or my Instagram, you’d probably realized that I haven’t really posted in a while. A number of reasons. One, I have been so overwhelmed with work that I haven’t really focused on myself, that includes my mental and physical health. I had way too many days where I was running on lack of rest. I kept on pushing myself beyond my body’s capability, stressing my own soul, and believe it or not, leading to a mild eating disorder.

Two, due to factor number one, I haven’t really had time to think of or develop and exciting recipes nor contents for this blog. Plus, I’ve been limiting this blog to strictly posts about food. I’ve been thinking of sharing travels, thoughts, or my life in general. But then came all the worries, What if people are not interested in my life? Am I inspiring enough? Who am I that they want to read about my life? Well, the answer is, I’m no one special. But lately, I have so much memories, and are surrounded by the most amazing people in the world. And I want to share it all with the world! 🙂

Third factor, I have been suffering a mild depression, being in a long distance relationship. I thought to myself, I should be used to farewells by now, and the next farewell shouldn’t be too difficult. I WAS WRONG!!!! This was the most difficult farewell after the first one. Right after our honeymoon… Breaking our tight hugs, watching our hands part as I walked towards a different terminal and flying to a different destination than him. I cried flowing rivers for the entire day!

Thank goodness I’m surrounded by beautiful people that never stop giving me encouragements!

The past few months have been a tough one. But I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from it. Some of which:
• However busy or crazy my life is, I have to take care of my own health!
• I am wayyyy stronger than I thought

Having said that, I am now back to my abandoned platforms! I’m on my way to recovery, from my eating disorder and depression). I will appreciate all the help and support that I can get hehe. 😀



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