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I went to Bandung for my friend’s wedding on the weekend. You know what that means…. SHOPPING SPREE!!!!! I didn’t spend that much on shopping actually. When I looked back at the receipts, the most I spent on was food.

We went to Paris Van Java to eat sushi, and Bakso Enggal (Jl. Burangrang No. 12) in the evening. Bakso Enggal is extremely delicious and cheap. I only paid Rp 17,000 (approx. US$ 2) for eight items plus drink! Satisfied both my stomach and my wallet.

On the hours before my friend’s wedding, we went up to Rumah Strawberry (Strawberry House) at Lembang. Beautiful! I love nature. We ate our lunch there. It was disappointing!! It wasn’t that expensive to be honest… However, most of its food was pretty tasteless; as if they didn’t put salt (maybe just a tad). I ordered their pancake. My first thought when i first cut it was “wow! It falls apart way too easily!” It created this cake-crumbs mess on my plate. It didn’t taste bad at first, but after a while, it kinda made me sick….. Of course Strawberry House would have strawberried food on their menu. Just to be safe, I ordered the fresh strawberry juice. WAY too sweet!

On our last day, we visited Nanny’s Pavillon. I was so excited when we reached. The restaurant is located outdoor! Cute decor! Beautifully designed menu! Creative food description!

So the waitress gave us the menu. It took us around 15 minutes or more to decide on what to order. Pricey… Plus they just looked good! Their creative name and description didn’t really help. In the end, I decided to order mint lemonade, chicken salad and their Dad’s Favorite Fries. Won’t you be intrigued when you see that kind of food on the menu? Dad’s favorite fries………..

My food came! The mint lemonade was extremely refreshing! The salad was too salty. Maybe that’s because they were submerged under all the dressing. It was delicious, however. And the fries….. It was basically chili cheese fries, but now I know why it was dad’s favorite. It was my favorite too. The fries was crunchy… With the perfect sour accompaniment from the meat sauce.

Okay, my stomach grumbled just by recallingit. Worth every penny you spend! Go try a bite!

Bon appétit!

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