Well, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, a huge thanks to you! And you’ll be aware there have been some changes around here, and there will be a few more to come. Not to worry, it means that something exciting is about to happen! =D

The ‘BottomlessBelly’ was a personal project of mine but I’ve decided to take a more professional turn, so the I’ve changed the address to Foodeasetv.com.  It will have a complementary content to FoodEaseTV main activity in Youtube.

The channel is still cooking at the moment, but if you subscribe, you’ll know when it’s done. It’ll be loads of fun. And if you want to get more stalking action, you can do so at:

facebook FoodEaseTV

twitter @FoodEaseTV

instagram @rerene22

Again, thank you for following this blog!!! And of course…

Bon appétit!


So yea…. You and I both know how bad I am in updating my blog lol. People have convinced me to make a food channel. And so I did! =D

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it, video is also one of my passions. Graduated from a film school, and been concentrating on video editing for about… 6 years..?? I think? So instead of writing all my recipes down, I’ll just press record and voila! ;] Here’s the channel:


And make sure you subscribe for recipes! ;]

Bon appétit!