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Pâtisserie has always been my favorite! So that’s what my post is going to be this time.

In a building full of Japanese food, there is this one little bakery located right after the entrance door — La Mouette! You can find things such as the famous Melonpan, cakes, or even the caramel puddings that you always see in anime. My personal favorite, is their cheese stick. It’s not the typical thin, long, crunchy cheese stick that you’re thinking of. La Mouette’s cheese stick is basically a cheesecake that has been shaped into a stick.

It has buttery texture (even looks like butter) that melts in your mouth, with a slight tangy and sweet flavor, accompanied by specks of vanilla beans. I, personally, am not a big fan of cheese. But this is a big exception! Moreover, the price isn’t that bad. For one cheese stick, it costs Rp 13,000 (approx. US$ 1.50). And highly addictive!

Want a bite? Stop over at Kamome Building (address below)! Or if you feel like eating more than just bread or cake, there’s Ramen Sanpachi on the second floor. Or maybe you just want to stuff your fridge with Japanese food? There’s a convenience store right next to La Mouette.

Bon appétit!

Kamome Building, 1st Floor
Jl Melawai Raya 189 B
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12160

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