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ERIC KAYSER le Restaurant du Boulanger, Jakarta, Indonesia

It’s been a long wait!

A few months ago, we saw a gigantic poster on the top floor of Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. It said “ERIC KAYSER coming soon.” Our team was pretty much like a;sldkfjalskdfjlkasjdlknsac.


Finally. Finally. Can I say finally one more time? FINALLY! ERIC KAYSER le Restaurant du Boulanger opened its door in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Great choice of location, we must say. The mall itself is surrounded by offices and residences of expatriates that, we’re sure, are familiar with this world-renowned bakery.

ERIC KAYSER has only been opened to public for a week, but it has been busy ever since; especially during afternoon tea.






The floor manager welcomed us with warm greetings, ushering us to our seats after a short wait. Then it came. You know the feeling when all the items in a menu sound pretty much similar to one another? That was our initial impression.


We decided on trying these items: Champignon à L’ail, Soupe aux Truffes, Fougasse Tomate Mozzarella, and two cups of Caffè Latte.


Soup aux Truffes (Rp 68,000). It is the smell of truffle oil drizzled lavishly that got to us first. Nestled on the soup surface is a kind of cream foam with an addition of truffle sliver rest ing on top.



Mushroom soups in most food establishments typically blend the mushrooms until it forms a smooth, creamy paste. However, here, you can still see mushroom bits scattered in places, which provided a pleasant texture to the soup.

Champignon à L’ail (Rp 68,000). We weren’t quite sure about this one. The literal translation would be “mushroom and garlic,” but we couldn’t quite detect the garlic, and it could benefit with using less salt. However, we had to agree that the mushrooms cooked in butter and herbs were tasty. But remember to dunk your toasts sparingly! This is BUTTER we’re talking about!


Fougasse Tomate Mozzarella (Rp 121,000). This is a funny one. We originally thought that it would be a traditional fougasse with the slashed patterns. But it came out like a pizza with a fougasse base. If you think that the base was a little ‘focaccia-like’, you aren’t entirely wrong. I think you can say that fougasse and focaccia are bread cousins, but definitely not the same.



This fougasse was smeared with crème fraiche and topped with tomato slices, bits of mozzarella, and pesto. It was a rather mouthful experience with that many toppings, but the pesto helped to freshen each bite.

As an unspoken rule of foodies, no meal can be called complete without dessert. Besides, how can anyone resist these gorgeous looking pastries? We’re guilty of judging food by its looks, so we basically ordered the best-looking pastries, which just happened to be the Eclair Pistache (Rp 36,364) and Passion Tart (Rp 40,909).




The tart passion fruit curd and the sweet buttery graham cracker base were such a beautiful marriage. The flavors filled our mouths with so much goodness.


However, we weren’t too thrilled with the éclair. All that decorating gel pretty much tricked us into ordering. While the overall taste was acceptable, we did not get that ‘blow-me-away’ taste that we expected. The choux pastry was rather soggy, and the pistachio cream could be better (there was uneven coloring). It was definitely a case of “appearance over taste.”

Speaking of Eric Kayser, we definitely have to try the breads! So we bought some: Almond Croissant, Brioche Sucre, Ciabatta Olive, Cookie Noir, Financier Pistache, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Olive, Pain Rustique Grand.



Almond Croissant (Rp 27,273). This was created like an open sandwich. Or maybe it was opened way too wide to insert the almond paste into. The almond paste wasn’t too goopy. It has a gentle sweetness. The crust, however, was… I would say “floppy.” It didn’t give me that exciting texture experience where it flakes when you start to bite into it, and turns chewy soft in the middle.


Brioche Sucre (RP 16,364). Honestly, the brioche that we got seemed a bit stale. The crumb was, although soft and buttery, a bit dry. The outer layer that was topped with sugar was what make this brioche pretty special.



Pain au Olive & Ciabatta Olive (RP 20,000). These two seemed pretty similar to me, only one is round, and the other is long. They were dense, and lacking that thick crunchy crust and soft crumb. But look how generous they are with their olives! Unlike other olive breads we’ve had, where the olives are cut up into tiny pieces, Eric Kayser surprised us with big chunks of olives!


Financier Pistache (Rp 18,182). It’s a pistachio sponge cake in muffin form, which we actually prefer. Eric Kayser’s Financier Pistache is sweet and extra moist, but not to the point of being soggy. It is wrapped with a crunchy caramelized crust around the edges. It still has that roughy nutty texture, with hints of pistachio.


Pain au Chocolat (Rp 20,000). When eating a Pain au Chocolat, we expect a gorgeous flaky crust exterior, and within that, small veins of dark chocolate running through the pastry. Eric Kayser’s, however, doesn’t have that flakiness, or those streams of chocolate. It was chewy with a slab of, what felt like, a melted thin chocolate bar. We bought another, the day after, and reheated it in the oven at 175ºC for 10 minutes, and oh boy! It brought back that gorgeous flake! =D I do have to say, they have beautiful croissants!


Pain au Rustique Grand (Rp 27,273). Once again, we received a loaf of bread that somewhat tasted stale. Although it had an acceptable crust, the crumb was sticky and extremely dense. Honestly, it was hard to swallow as it formed a huge chunk when we bit into it.


Cookie Noir (Rp 18,182). This was our absolute favorite! Too bad we didn’t buy more. An evenly distributed soft chew that reminded us of Christmas, with an extra bonus of bittersweet molten chocolate and a crunch of nuts. It was probably one of most gorgeous chocolate chip cookies we’ve ever had.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at ERIC KAYSER le Restaurant du Boulanger. The friendly and attentive staffs were very accommodating. We hope to see more menu variety on our next visit. You heard us, we’ll be back! 😉

ERICK KAYSER le Restaurant du Boulanger
(Mon – Sun: 10AM – 10PM)
Plaza Senayan (3rd FL)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Pusat, 10270
+62 21 53660821

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