Nasi Goreng Tek-Tek (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Tek tek tek… The sound of two woods hitting each other always catches our attention in Indonesia. Most people would storm out of their houses to approach it; including me tonight.

Nasi goreng tek-tek. Indonesia’s most famous fried rice. It’s sold on a cart so those sellers can easily travel to different places to sell their fried rice.

There is this one fried rice seller in front of my house every night. He would be there at around 6:30 PM or so. And his fried rice is mouthwatering!

We all know, fried rice and eggs are best friends! Be it messily scrambled… or sunny side up. Crispy on the sides, and a perfect yellow circle… flowing down like a perfect liquid gold when cracked open. Or maybe both?

I waited patiently while listening to the hiss of shallots being thrown into the boiling oil.

The sound of the friction between the wok and the spatula…

I can start smelling the fried shallots, followed by the pieces of chicken that starts to darken, and then slices of beef… All of them crackling at the same time, fighting to be the first one to be well-cooked… then being paired with the rice. My tongue dances behind my lips to the ensemble of my stomach.

Finally! The perfect marriage of all the ingredients arranged neatly on my plate! Slices of cucumber, and extra chili to add a little decor; and of course, crunchy crackers (kerupuk) for the final touch! All those for only Rp 7,000 (approx. $ 0.81). Satisfies your taste bud, stomach, and wallet!

Bon appétit!

2 thoughts on “Nasi Goreng Tek-Tek (Indonesian Fried Rice)

  1. I am an Indonesian woman. But currently I live in Canada. I am pregnant with my second baby. My husband is a Canadian. But, where we live is so hard to find Indonesian food. Btw, I was reading bout nasi goreng tek tek. OMG….that makes me feel so sad!!! If I could get the ingredients here, I would like to make my own nasi goreng probably. Miss U so much “nasi goreng tek tek”.

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