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When you visit Jakarta, you will most definitely find bubble tea wherever you go. It is like a big habitat for bubble tea. In fact, sometimes you will find a few bubble tea shops in a straight row, decorated in all sorts of cute ways to lure you in. Just a while ago, we found another bubble tea café nearby. Honestly, knowing that it is yet another bubble tea shop, we were pretty unenthusiastic until we had a gander of its menu. And so our plan began…


Right after office hour… It was a much waited visit to Go Cha café. The café was nestled in an area filled with restaurants and coffee shops. But it secured our attention with its decorations and mascots.


We were greeted so very warmly by the staff. Not the kind of warmth that make you question whether it was purely from the heart or from the cash register. No. Their warmth was the kind of warmth that makes you go “yes I’ll visit again because you’re so very nice to me.”

The bubble tea variety that they offer look similar like the other multitudes of bubble tea shops appearing in Jakarta in the last two years. However, there are two categories that intrigued us, Heineken and Yakult series. Yes, Heineken, the beer. It was past 5PM after all. 😉 We decided to order it, and we always make it a mission to order anything with the word “homemade.” More often than not, food establishments often claim that their food is homemade when it is… not exactly. Four drinks later, (Kumquat flavor Heineken with Orange Popping Boba, Homemade Ice Coconut Jelly Yakult, Gocha Milk Tea, Irish Coffee Milk Tea, and Mango Yakult) we changed our minds about grouping Go Cha with the other bubble tea shops.


You see, it is the little things that get us. The popping boba is made from orange juice that has been transformed into spheres by dropping them into sodium alginate then calcium chloride. This technique is often used in molecular gastronomy. If you have trouble imagining what the texture like, think of salmon roe.

Heineken with popping boba gave us a bit of a shock when we first drank it; the milk tea’s sweetness was actually just right without us having to alter our orders (e.g. reducing sugar and ice). Most of all, we could actually taste the tea, whereas most of the other shops just have a hint of tea, or sometimes not even. The place was maintained well and clean. They separate the smoking and non-smoking areas. Bonus point! We had so much fun drinking it and we’d love to try other drinks and the food next time.


Go Cha Taiwanese Delight
(Mon – Sun: 10AM – 10PM)
Jl. Ratu Kemuning Blok A2 No.8B
Green Ville, Jakarta
+62 21 98244590

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