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Ovomaltine Spread


A jar of Nutella, with a crunch.

That is basically what Ovomaltine is like.


Ovomaltine (also known as Ovaltine) is a milk brand from Berne, Switzerland. Its name originates from ovum, Latin for “egg,” and malt.

I used to drink their chocolate milk, and still do from time to time. I have to say, they have one of the best chocolate milks I’ve ever had! Now, they’ve created something even better than chocolate milk. Chocolate spread!

I actually heard about this from my sister’s friend. But after searching high and low for it, I still couldn’t find it. Oddly enough, a trip to Indonesia was what it took for me to finally lay my hands on it.

I was speed walking trying to beat time, but something caught my eyes. A little stand to my right, with a sign that says “Snack and Co.” So I took a little detour. Forget time! They were calling my name.

There it was. The Ovomaltine. *cue dramatic music* Sitting on the highest shelf, like it was the king of all the snacks in that stand. Without a second thought, my hand reached for it and bought it. The price? Absolutely ridiculous! Rp 235,000 (± US$ 21). I’m pretty sure I can find it way cheaper on Amazon (with free 2-day shipping), but whatever, I know that I’ll never actually click that “add to cart” button.

Moment of truth…

I spread this crunchy paste on my toast.

I have found…. my bread’s new fiancé~



To me, it tastes nothing like their chocolate milk. It actually tastes more like Nutella, like a mixture of Nutella with liquified Nestlé Crunch. Honestly, I still prefer Nutella. Sorry Ovomaltine. Nutella has a stronger hazelnut taste to it, which I absolutely love. BUT! I give Ovomaltine extra points for having those tiny crunch balls in them.



So if you happen to spot an orange jar that says “Ovomaltine,” and you’re thinking “should I… or shouldn’t I?” The answer is…. You definitely should!

Bon appétit!

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