Roasted Pork Belly Pizza

Roast Pork Belly Pizza

Roast Pork Belly Pizza

Don’t you think you put too much topping?

It has the right amount of topping.

Won’t it fall off?

I put the right amount of cheese to make the toppings stay together. Sort of. I actually ran out of cheese halfway through my Sunday Night Pizza.

Sunday night is my Pizza day and this pizza is the lovechild of my half empty fridge and spontaneity. Believe it or not, all of the ingredients used for this topping are ‘leftovers’. Well, except the roasted pork belly. It was given to me as a gift the day before.

But I kid you not that this pizza is definitely the star of the night.

Sorry no recipe included. This was sort of a “throw all the leftovers on top” kind of pizza.

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