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Last December I went to Singapore for my work. But a week or two prior to my flight, my friend from work had been haunting me to buy her this chocolate called Royce’. She claimed it was the best chocolate she’s ever eaten. So I agreed to get her a box, and of course a box for myself.

It was quite hard to find the store, as there are only two or three in Singapore. Finally found it in Orchard. I bought myself the Royce Nama Champagne. The small box costs S$10, and the medium box is S$15. I opened the box and thought to myself “Oooo… Fancy!” The chocolate was covered in dark chocolate powder. So I picked a block and put it in my mouth, and the chocolate immediately melted. Literally melted!

The taste was a perfect delicate mixture of bittersweet chocolate, with a hint of champagne; a little piece of heaven! I couldn’t get enough of it! She was right. It was the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. No wonder she was haunting me for weeks.

For those of you who are curious of this little piece of heaven, you can find them in Suntec City Mall, Ion Orchard, and Takashimaya; all in Singapore. There are some outlets in Hong Kong, Japan, and Philippines too.

Bon appétit!

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