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Welcome back!

Welcome back to all you foodies! Welcome back to me! And most of all welcome back home to my best friend! My best friend, Marcia, just returned from Beijing. So girl time in one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, Sakana! May I add it’s authentic? The chef came from Japan, yet he speaks really good Indonesian. Maybe better than I am?

Anyways, if you haven’t been there it’s quite hard to spot the restaurant. The exterior looks like a simple Japanese noodle bar. As soon as you enter, you will be greeted warmly by the waitress. They will then take you to a little room which looks like a traditional Japanese dining area — with sliding doors and low tables.

We ordered six dishes: oden, gyoza, takoyaki, sashimi, spicy tuna roll, california roll, and the saikoro steak.

The oden consists of hard boiled egg, daikon radish, fish cake, konyaku, potato, and onion which gives the soup a sweetly rich taste. 

Then there was the fresh sashimi, and the unique gyoza. Normally when I order gyoza from other restaurants, they come neatlyarranged on a pretty plate. But not this time. The gyoza looks like crepes on a hot plate, where you have to break the crispy thin skin layer before you take the gyoza. A unique and fun way of eating I would say.

I’m never a big fan of california roll, but this california roll kept me going. But I love spicy tuna rolls! Every time I see “spicy tuna roll” on a menu, I’ll order it without second thought. However, Sakana isn’t playing when they say ‘spicy’. It was spicy! Like the kind of spicy where I am gaping for air and need glasses of ocha.

The saikoro steak…….. My tongue still remembers how it feels dancing with Mr. Saikoro. The rich flavor when it entered my mouth, the softness when I chewed it. Ahhhh… My stomach just sang to the memory of that dance.

For the price, I would say Sakana is pretty high (Rp 85,000 – Rp 200,000). But it was worth every penny spent! Highly recommended for Japanese food lovers!


Intercontinental Midplaza 1, Basement Floor
Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Central Jakarta

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