Scrambled Egg Whites w/ Salsa

Scrambled Egg Whites with salsa

Scrambled Egg Whites with salsa

It’s one of those mornings when I missed my eggy breakfast. I think I’ve mentioned before, I make sure that I always have eggs in the fridge. So I whisk some eggs and mixed some leftover salsa. Also, I’m lucky the bagel shop near my house sells multi-grain bagels. Actually, I think most bagel shops sell multi-grain.

4 egg whites
2 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp. salsa
1/2 multi-grain bagel or (2 slices whole wheat bread) (optional)

serves 1
1. Scramble the eggs in the olive oil in a medium-sized pan. Stir in the salsa and immediately remove pan from heat.

2. Enjoy it as a sandwich with avocado or just simply as scrambled eggs.

It’s simple, easy and fast! Bon appétit!

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