Sometimes “food” is not just something that gives us energy to get through the day. Sometimes “food” can be an addiction, passion, satisfaction, and in other times, food can uplift a crappy mood.

Our grumbling tummies and a passion for food photography have led us to the idea to create this blog. Cuisines, finger food, street snacks… You name it! We eat it! Take pictures, and write about it!

Enough about the rambling. For an introduction, I’ll present you one of my favorite snacks. One of my friends from work introduced me to this snack called “Makaroni Setan”, which if translated into English will be called “Devilish Macaronis“.

I can understand why they call them by that name. Tiny, but spicy! A little kick to your taste bud!

You can get these “devilish” crunchies at Bandung, Indonesia, and they don’t cost that much. One little pack costs Rp 2000, which is about US$ 0.22. So all you snack lovers and spicy lovers, I recommend these little “devils” to you!

Bon appétit!

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